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Merits for Street Fighter: The Roleplaying Game

The following is a list of potential Merits that can be included in Street Fighter. It includes many rewritten from other White Wolf games and a number of completely new ones written specifically for the game. They are intended to be included in the Freebie part of character creation. Merits cost the amount of freebie points listed. Purchasing Merits after play has begun is generally a No-No and should only be allowed with express Storyteller approval. The experience point cost is equal to three times the listed price.

Merit and Flaw Quicklist (text file) / Flaws / Index

Table of Contents

Acute Sense (1 point)

Acute Sense may be purchased once for each sense you wish to boost. Rolls using that sense gain an die. This may be combined with flaws that inhibit senses but the combination must be agreeable: ex. exceptional hearing even though you are completely blind.

Adamant Will (4, 7 points)

It is extremely difficult to divert you once you have decided on a specific course of action. For the 4 point version you will always have one point of temporary Willpower available to activate abilities and maneuvers with provided it is not lost by maneuvers that drain Willpower or the activation of flaws that do so.

For the 7 point version of this merit you gain the benefits listed above and you always use your permanent Willpower as your dice pool for Willpower checks. This merit cannot be combined with flaws that limit Willpower such as Broken Will.

Altruism (1 point)

You are genuinely caring, outgoing, and want to help others. You are willing to drop what you are doing, practically at a moments notice, to help a friend in need. This is a rare trait in Street Fighters for the life they lead is always fraut with peril and it is easy to become overwhelmed in the troubles of others. If you are successful at solving a friend's major problem you also gain a bit of insight into the world resulting in an extra experience point awarded to you. Only the Storyteller can decide when this happens.

Ambidextrous (2 points)

You are skilled at using your non-dominant hand for fine motor tasks and can generally do so without penalty. When dual-wielding weapons the difficulty to do so is only +1 for each hand provided the offhand weapon is of equal or lesser size then the main hand. In order to have this merit you must have two functioning arms and hands.

Ancestral Channeling (5 points)

In order to purchase this merit the character must first have Past Life. You are able to channel the strength of your ancestor for short periods of time, once per session. In order to do so roll Chi, difficulty 8. For each success on this roll you may take one action using the strength of your ancestor. Create the personality and fighting style of this individual (if any) as if you were creating a whole new character. While channeling this ancestor you may substitute any one trait they possess or use any one special maneuver they know for that action.

Ancestral Spirit (2 points)

The soul of one of your ancestors looks out for you from the spirit realm.Ancestors can be a fickle lot. Occasionally they may provide advice or warn you of danger. They might also protect you from other spirits without your ever knowing it. On the other hand they can chastise you when they think you’re doing something foolish. Outside of the spirit realm the help this ancestor offers is limited.

The Ancestral Spirit should be drawn up as if they were a character in their own right although they will have no (or negligible) physical characteristics and cannot use non-Focus maneuvers outside of the spirit world. A character may have this merit without having ranks in the Spirit Companion background but the ancestor will only make it’s presence known when it wishes.

Animal Kinship (2 points)

You grew up around certain animals and are rarely surprised by what they do based on experience. Choose a type of animal which this merit will apply to (dogs, horses, cats, canaries, etc.). The difficulty of rolls to understand and handle animals of the chosen type are 1 less.

Blackmail (1-5 points)

You have the dirt on someone and can keep them in line with what you know. The higher the point value of this merit the more powerful of a person you have under your knife. However, should the tables be turned watch out. They are liable to repay you in kind for your manipulation.

Calm Heart (1 point)

Serenity rules your soul. It takes a lot of work to make you fly off the handle. The difficulty of any attempt to do so is raised by two. You may not combine this with Berserker, Hatred, or Heart of the Beast.

Charmed Existence (5 points)

Perhaps there was a sign at the moment of your birth indicating that you were blessed with good fortune. With this blessing you may ignore a single 1 on every roll.

Chi Burst (3 points)

This merit may be taken in conjunction with the flaw Chi Flux but it can only manifest at those times allowed by Chi Flux. Your chi, while usually calm and ordered, is subject to fits and bursts of power. When you get worked up you tend to become extremely excited with the feeling of your blood pumping hard through your veins.

In game terms this means you can sometimes gain a temporary boost to other Chi effects whether that be healing or an increase in duration. When you are the target of such an ability, once per day, pay 1 Chi and make a Charisma + Mysteries roll, difficulty 7. You need as many successes on this roll as levels of healing you are receiving or the successes scored by the other maneuver. If this succeeds double the amount of healing or the duration of the effect.

Chi Sense (1, 3 points)

You have an inherent ability to sense the life energies of those around you. Sometimes this works a little too well leaving you dizzy and disoriented. For that reason most with this gift learn to suppress it at an early age. However with time and training it is possible to master it. Use requires complete concentrate and a full uninterrupted round at a minimum.

For 1 point Chi Sense allows you to make a Wits + Focus roll to sense the chi of someone in your presence. If you succeed the Storyteller will give you some vague feelings about the person – they have a bright soul, they seem withdrawn, just looking at them sends shivers down your spine, etc.

For 3 points Chi Sense allows you to sense the Chi of people you are intimately familiar with from a distance. When attempting this roll Wits + Focus. The difficulty begins at 6 and increases by 1 for every 5 miles of distance to the target. The number of successes indicate the amount of generic information you are able to sense about your friend.One success might indicate they are alive and unconscious while five might give you impressions about where they are and what they had for lunch.

Cold Fury (4 point)

Your anger may not surface often but there are certain times when the triggers are just right that your rage surfaces. It does not, however, consume you with frenzy when these conditions are correct. Instead it becomes one with your will strengthening your resolve that cannot be shaken until the target of your anger has been made to understand their transgression.

When you first purchase this Merit you must define what the trigger is. It must be a specific threat to your or someone you care about such as a particular loved one. When this trigger appears you may pay 1 Willpower and make an Honor roll, difficulty 9. Willpower may not be spent for an automatic success on this roll. One success is needed to trigger the fury but more successes extend the effects at a rate of an additional scene each. Once the Cold Fury is triggered it cannot be dispelled and does not fade until its timer expires or you are knocked unconscious. Focus maneuvers such as Calm Heart and Psychic Rage automatically fail to change your mood. If the Willpower check fails it cannot be attempted again this scene (except by using Luck). If it botched you lose 5 temporary Honor and immediately frenzy.

 While under the effects of the Fury you gain several benefits. First and foremost you ignore pain and wound penalties as if you were in a frenzy and automatically succeed in any opposed Willpower roll that would deviate you from your set course of action. Your speed and damage totals are increased by one for the duration of the effect and you cannot be rendered unconscious until you receive aggravated damage equal to twice your Stamina in health levels (the Sanbo school technique abilities still apply if applicable and may make it literally impossible to KO the character without killing them).

Every action must be spent moving to your designated target or attacking them. Anyone who tries to stop you will be removed as an obstacle in the quickest, most expediant manner with no regard to their safety. Unlike a normal frenzy, however, the character remains under your control and is capable of complex reasoning. If multiple people met the trigger conditions (for example, multiple assailants upon the designated loved one) you will continue moving and attacking until all of them are defeated starting with whoever is considered the biggest threat.

Combat Reflexes (5 points)

Through training and conditioning you have honed your combat instincts to the point that you can react in a split second during critical life and death situations. Once per day, when determining the order of actions for one combat round, you may switch places with either the next fastest or slowest person. For example if you had a speed of 6 amongst five combatants and the other speeds were 9, 7, 5, and 1 you could switch with either the 7 (next highest) or the 5 (next lowest). You cannot use this ability on any action that requires full concentrate or which has a fixed speed like Zen no Mind.

Special Forces members pay purchase this advantage for only 4 points.

Concentration (1 point)

You are exceptionally skilled at focusing your attention to a task at hand.Any penalty to rolls caused by distractions is limited to two unless the distraction is particularly glaring. This merit is of no benefit in situations where you only suffer a one point difficulty penalty. It cannot be combined with Scatterbrained.

Code of Honor (1 point )

A code of honor is a strict set of personal morals that define how you live your life.Bushido is an example of a Code of Honor. When making Honor or Willpower rolls to resist influences that would violate this code you may add up to 2 extra dice. This bonus does not apply to mental maneuvers that do not directly violate your code.

So, for example, if you have a code that says you can’t kill anyone and are targeted by the Focus maneuver Cobra Charm you would receive the resistance bonus if the suggestion would obviously lead to a death but you would not get the bonus if you wouldn’t be aware that the result of your actions would result in death.

Dangerous Beauty (2 points)

Like a transfixing rose your grace easily lulls others into a false sense of security.On any roll that involves Appearance you may roll an extra 2 dice. If you receive a facial deformity you will lose the benefit of this advantage until you undergo corrective surgery to restore your former appearance.

Death Trance (3 points)

Death holds no power over you. You understand the fundamental truth that everyone dies. When confronted with a life or death situation your mind automatically switches into a cold, rational mode focused on doing what is necessary. While in the Death Trance you may roll two extra dice to resist fear or, if there is no resistance roll, the attacker has +1 difficulty.

Dread Aura (4 points)

There’s just something about you that scares those who come near.Perhaps it’s the way you stare unflinchingly into other people’s eyes, or the nervous twitch you acquired in grade school, or the rumors you allowed to circulate concerning the last person to cross you. The end result is that your dice pools for intimidation, interrogation, and torture are increased by 1. If you also have the flaw Predator’s Mark the boost increases to 2.

Dual Mind (7 points)

You are quite flexible in thought and action. So much so that you can change your course of action at the drop of a hat and it will seem to others as if you always intended to do just that. When selecting maneuvers for the round you may choose a second maneuver as long as it meets the following conditions: It is of the same technique (punch for punch, kick for kick, etc.). Its speed is within 1 of the first maneuver. It costs equal to or less than the first maneuver in Chi and/or Willpower.

At any time during the round, before your action, you may opt to fall back to your secondary choice. Once this decision is made you cannot revert back to your primary intended action although you may still abort. That maneuver will have a -1 speed and damage penalty effective after being selected. This advantage does not work with Zen no Mind or any maneuver that requires full concentration to execute.

Dual Styles (5 points)

Somehow you’ve received training in more than one martial art form although it is still incomplete. Choose a second style. When paying experience for new maneuvers you may use the lower of your two styles if both are listed.

You must have one dot in a secondary School to have this background and the number of dots in your primary school must always exceed the secondary one. This merit may only be purchased once and only during character creation.

Eidetic Memory (2 points)

You have an excellent memory and can remember things with ease. Choose either visual, auditory, or read information as your emphasis. The difficulty of rolls for your chosen emphasis are reduced by 2 points. You may purchase this merit multiple times, once per type, and it cannot be combined with Absent Minded.

Endure [variable] (2 points)

You are better able to cope with an unforgiving situation. Choose which of the following for the variable: Hunger, Thirst, Pain, Torture, Heat, Cold, or Shock. This merit has no effect against elemental special maneuvers. For hunger and thirst the difficulty of rolls increases by 1 per two days you have gone without instead of every day and you can survive up to 4 days before dying of dehydration. For pain and torture increase relevant dice pools by two. Endurance to heat and cold gives you an effective stamina of +1 to resist heat stroke and hypothermia. Endure shock increases your ability to withstand punishment before being dizzied. Your stamina is considered one dot higher for the purposes of determining dizzies and any affect which halves your Stamina for the purposes of soak rounds up, not down.

Escape Artist (4 points)

You are particularly skilled at reacting quickly to your opponent’s moves and are rarely caught off guard by changes in the flow of battle.Once per fight and up to three times per session you may abort without having to pay Willpower.

Expert Driver (2 points)

You are exceptionally skilled at driving motor vehicles (cars, non-industrial trucks, and motocycles) and all your difficulties for making risky maneuvers are reduced by 1. You may buy this merit multiple times if you want to gain the benefit for more then just cars or trucks. For example, you can opt to be an expert airline or fighter pilot, a wisened submarine captain, or to have it apply to a more exotic craft.

Good Reputation (2 points)

You’ve made friends in another dojo. When interacting with members of that dojo add two to your social rolls.Over time you might even earn the right to receive training there.For non-Street Fighters this instead applies to the work environment and the character has gained a positive reputation with another company.

Grip of the Damned (6 points)

Your iron grip is the stuff of folktales for once you latch onto to something, or someone, it is very difficult to make you let go if you don’t want to. On any strength test to maintain your grip you gain an automatic success. Vampire characters may purchase this merit for only 5 points.

Healing Touch (3 points)

Healing others by sacrificing your own Chi comes naturally to you. Any time you use a Focus maneuver to heal and are calm enough to dedicate full attention to the process your target recovers an additional health level beyond whatever successes you rolled. This is not an automatic success.

Heart of the Beast (4 points)

This merit only applies to Animal Hybrids. Although it could be taken by any character there would be no benefit in doing so as it would only carry a risk of frenzy and thus be a flaw.Such a character would gain the points listed above and must make a Chi check when angered or slip into a frenzy.

You possess a strong instinctual side to your nature. Sometimes this manifests as unusual behavior and it can be difficult to reconcile instinct with human rationality. When the Beast is roused, however, it can give you a tremendous burst of strength.

Tapping into the Beast requires a Willpower roll. If successful you gain one of the following effects which may each be invoked once per story (not session): +1 to a physical attribute, ignore wound penalties, or +3 damage for 3 actions. These effects last up to the duration of the scene.

Channeling the Beast carries with it the risk of unleashing more rage then you can contain.Each time you try to tap the Beast, whether successful or not, make an immediate roll using your current Chi to avoid falling into a frenzy. You need one success plus one per rank of Dark Hado you possess. If the roll botches you fall completely under the Beast’s thrall and act like a ravenous, enraged predator for the duration of the scene or until you are knocked unconscious.

Heirloom (3 points)

An object of great sentimental value has been passed on to you to protect. This object may be mundane (or not if you also have Special Gift) but if it is ever lost or damaged you are willing to go to tremendous lengths to recover or repair it. When you have it in your possession and find yourself facing one of life’s challenges remembering what it means to your family gives you renewed strength.Once per story (not session) you may roll Focus, difficulty 7, and recover points of Willpower equal to successes.

High Endurance (2 points)

Hard training has prepared you for the rough life of Street Fighting in ways that just hitting a punching bag can’t.Perhaps you’ve entered the circuit having grown bored with running marathons or playing sports. Whatever the case you bring with you remarkable physical endurance.For any test that requires endurance you only need to make checks at half the rate that others do.So, for example, you can run twice as long as the average person before needing a Stamina check.

This translates directly into a small benefit in combat.By conserving your energy you can stay focused for when it’s really needed. You may choose to sacrifice one point each off your speed and damage for the turn in order to gain an additional point to your soak total. This does not increase your Stamina for the turn and is lost if you are dizzied.As this is a boost to soak total it is not considered Stamina or armor and thus cannot be negated by abilities that ignore either.

Huge (4 points)

You are enormous by human standards!Standing at your full height you tower over everyone else. This additional mass gives you 2 extra Health Levels which may surpass the normal maximum of 20.

Hybrid Kinfolk (4 points)

Someone in your immediate family tree is an Animal Hybrid. If you are on amicable terms with this person you can train with them or use this merit as a justification for certain other backgrounds. This relative, if they practice Kalindo, can justify having the background Sensei: Kalindo. However you cannot use Kalindo maneuvers (although you may study and understand the base concepts behind them) unless you yourself are an animal hybrid.

Hypersensory Perception (3 points)

Although this might sound like psychic senses it is a more “mundane” ability that is frequently misunderstood and overlooked. You are especially keen when it comes to the subtleties of body language and vocal tones and often subconsciously use such cues to discern other people’s true motives. Whenever you have a chance to speak face to face your Perception is considered 1 point higher then it normally is.

Illustrious Family (3 points)

You were born to wealth and privilege. There are definite advantages to having a prestigious family. The Allies background costs one fewer point per rank as long as the Ally is related in some way to your family. In addition you may, once per story (not session), invoke your family name gaining a 2 point Ally for the duration of the scene.

Innovator (3 points)

You are particularly quick-witted when it comes to improvised self defense. Perhaps you used to work in a particularly rough profession and learned the hard way to always be alert or you were trained to think this way. You have little trouble incorporating everday objects into a fight and have a base difficulty with impromptu weapons of 6 instead of 7. To find such a weapon under stress requires a Wits roll which is difficulty 6 for most places but higher if there are few suitable objects within easy reach.

Intuition (6 points)

You were always hard to fool and easily saw through the subtle games other people tried to play with you. You've spent years studying social cues, body language, and the nature of power struggles. Because of this you gain an additional 2 dice for dice pools to resist Intimidation, seduction, subterfuge and manipulation. You also gain this dice pool bonus for read lips and linguistics rolls where you can spend at least 10 minutes observing your subject's body language.

Iron Will (3 points)

When your mind is made up it is very difficult to change it. You may spend a point of temporary Willpower to increase the difficulty of mind-altering effects by 3 or to gain three extra dice depending on the effect and Storyteller discretion. This ability may be purchased in conjunction with the merit Adamant Will but you will only gain the benefits of one or the other per roll. This merit does not have the same restrictions as Adamant Will.

Kharmic Tie (1-5 points)

The kharmic wheel puts every soul through hundreds, if not thousands, of lifetimes.A character with this advantage has encountered a soul they met before with whom they have strong positive ties.For each point invested in this advantage the character may add a single die to one roll per session while acting to protect this bond. If the person you are bonded to suffers aggravated damage you know immediately they are in mortal danger.

Land (1-3 points)

You own a bit of real estate – your own little slice of heaven if you will. For 1 point you own a typical suburban home. For 3 points you own a moderate place of business like a nightclub or convenience store in addition to a home. If you opt to liquid these holdings treat each dot liquidated as if you had a temporary dot in the Resources background.

Lightning Reflexes (3 points)

You react like lightning moving almost faster then you can think to avoid injury. Your abort maneuvers are executed at +1 speed.

Limber (2 points)

Flexibility is the name of the game and it’s something you are exceptionally good at.Reduce the difficulty of any Dexterity roll requiring flexibility – escaping holds, squeezing through narrow openings, etc – by 2.

Luck (4 points)

You are graced with good fortunes – some of the time at least. Three times per story you may repeat failed rolls.

Medium (2 points)

Spirits still roaming the world sometimes make their presence known to the living. You can sense these entities and at times even converse with them.However there is always a risk in talking to spirits.Many are not particularly apt to entertain the follies of mortals.

Meek (2 points)

You have a reserved, almost forgettable demeanor that makes it easy for others to forget you in any group. The difficulty of those trying to remember you, unless you took direct and bold action, is increased by 2.Because of your weak presence you are generally the last out of any group to be attacked.However whenever you are alone the lack of confidence you project can mark you as easy prey. You may not also have the Dread Aura merit.

Mimicry (1 point)

Making weird sounds and imitating others is fun and simple for you. Add one extra die to dice pools based on vocal control. This does not affect vocal special maneuvers such as Force Shout.

Minor Cybernetics (1-3 points)

Major Cybernetic enhancements are full limb body grafts. The minor variety are conventional prosthetics.A 1 point merit would be, say, a false eye.A 3 point merit would denote a full limb prosthetic. These limbs are not suitable for street fighting as they are too fragile to endure the shock of blows.

Orator (2 points)

You cannot take this merit alongside the flaw Shy. You possess a particular charm and soothing voice that makes others feel at ease. On all social rolls involving speech add an extra die.

Past Life (2 points)

This existence is not your first.Memories and perhaps even physical markings from a prior incarnation have passed into your new life. You have little control on when these memories arise or what form they take but they can lead you in directions you would never have thought of.

Patron (1-5 points)

Someone outside the martial arts world has taken a vested interest in your activities to the extent that they are willing to offer financial incentives for you to continue your work. The point value of this merit determines the total point pool of allies and resources your patron is willing to dedicate.

Photographic Memory (1 point)

Photographic memory – the name pretty much sums up this merit. You easily retain what you see if given a moment to commit it to memory. To remember most information requires an Intelligence check, difficulty 6. This may not be combined with Absent-Minded or Amnesia. Unlike Eidetic Memory this is purely visual as if you were staring at a photo of the thing in question and you will either need that merit or to pass an Intelligence check to remember non-visual details about the subject. If you have both this and Eidetic Memory (Visual) you always have an automatic success on visual memory rolls and only need to roll if the difficulty is high.

Prestigious Sensei (1 point)

Your mentor was well-liked and respected in the world. You begin play with an additional three points of temporary Honor and Glory to reflect what they have passed onto you.Until you have established yourself in the circuit, however, you will continue to stand in your master’s shadow.

Resilient Metabolism (4 points)

Sure you might eat like a pig but it's for a good cause, you swear! An unusually fast and efficient metabolism helps you fight disease and poison as well as increase the speed at which you naturally heal. Dice pools concerned with resist disease and poison are increased by two. In addition you heal wounds as if your Stamina was one point higher than it actually is to a maximum of 10.

Resistance (3 points)

You are particularly resistant to damage from one elemental source.Attempts to damage you from that source subtract 1 from the successes scored. You may not be resistant to a damage form which you are also critically vulnerable to.

Secret Identity (3 points)

Like Zorro or a comic book hero you don an alternate persona before stepping into the ring in order to separate your fighting career from your “real” life. This has numerous benefits in that anyone seeking your fighting identity can be given the slip by changing back into your alter ego but it also comes with considerable maintenance.Although this is listed as a merit there can be dire consequences from upholding this kind of lifestyle.

Self-Confidence (5 points)

Once per fight and up to three times per story session you may tap your reserves of confidence to gain the benefits of a Willpower point without expending that point provided you do not fail the roll. This only applies to rolls where such confidence is needed – difficulty 6 or higher.

You may not have this Merit in conjunction with the Broken Will flaw.

Serenity (3 points)

A steadfast calm ripples through your soul.Attempts to upset this natural center are more difficult making you less likely to become the victim of psychic attacks. When making Dark Hado rolls to resist the dark side’s call you need 6 successes instead of 5 and the difficulty of Focus rolls to resist begins at 5.

Shapeshifting (3 points)

This merit may only be purchased by Animal Hybrids. You may spend one full turn transforming from your animalistic form into a fully human form. While in human form you do not gain the physical benefits of your animal side.Strength, Stamina, and Dexterity are all considered one less in human form and hybrid maneuvers cannot be used until you change back.

A character with two ranks in Kalindo does not need to spend an entire round transforming and instead may do so as a free action once per round. Actual Kalindo maneuvers still require the mandatory Wits + Kalindo roll unless otherwise specified.

Sharpshooter (3 points)

Because of training or pure talent you have a remarkable skill at hitting targets with firearms. For each type of firearm you want to have the following ability you must purchase a new Sharpshooter merit. Not all guns are created equal!

When rolling to hit and you are not aiming add an extra die to your dice pool as long as you are not firing on full automatic. You may instead forgo this bonus and take a -4 speed penalty to your normal firing speed to aim for the round. This gives you an automatic success to hit. Thus you will always hit unless your target is behind cover or is moving.

Sharp Wit (3 points)

Your mind is exceptionally quick on the draw. You usually put things together before other members of the team. This gives you an extra two dice for all rolls using Wits.Once per fight and up to three times per session you may add 1 to the speed of any Wits-dependant maneuver for one action.

Sixth Sense (10 points)

The gift of psychic awareness is rare despite the legions of self-proclaimed mediums. The true Sixth Sense imparts a vague awareness of emotions and intentions. You may experience sudden flashes of insight or get foreboding feelings – a gnawing doubt telling you not to trust a certain person. This merit is not required to learn and use mental Focus maneuvers like Telepathy but if this gift is refined you permanently gain +1 to the dice pools of all mentally-driven abilities.

Due to the rarity of these individuals when one emerges it generally isn’t long before they disappear into the night with nary a trace never to be seen again.

Special Gift (1, 2, 3 points)

An item, left to you from a sensei, a family member, or just something you’ve come across in your travels, harbors strange mystical powers. The Storyteller will decide what this item can do. The more points invested into this merit the greater the item’s power.At the Storyteller’s discretion this can cost more than 3 points.

Spiritual Attunement (3 points)

Passing into the spirit realm is less arduous for you. While you are there you do not feel the same dislocation between body and soul that would give others pause. During trips into the spirit realm you may choose to substitute your Focus for any of your mental attributes.

Sympathetic Hado (4 points)

Your Hado seemingly has little trouble meshing well with others. When working with allies in Focus maneuvers to achieve a common goal you may roll one extra die on your cooperative skill roll. If you are working alongside someone with whom you share a Kharmic Tie add an extra die on top of the prior bonus and Kharmic Tie.

Technological Aptitude (2 points)

Machines and computers in particular are so easy for you to figure out that most people you know come running to you whenever they start having problems. You’ve probably gained a bit of a reputation as a Mr./Mrs. Fixit. The difficulty of rolls relating to understanding and manipulating devices are 1 less.

Ties (3 points)

You have good relations some segment of society: a police department, a corporation, a politician, a gang leader, etc. This goes both ways, however, and you will be expected to keep up your end of the bargain to keep their favor.

True Faith (7 points, see below)

You have an unshakable faith in a force greater than yourself. This faith provides strength in times of crisis. True Faith may be purchased multiple times.Each purchase provides the character with one point in the True Faith background (see backgrounds).For more information on this ability see that background.

True Love (1 point)

You have found real love and companionship in the world. This is a living person (for a deceased love see the flaw Lost Love). They may not reciprocate your affections but they at least tolerate your attentions. When acting to protect your loved one roll an extra die.However, should you ever fall out of favor you will lose two dice on all rolls until is regained.

Note that simply having your True Love present with you in most street fights would not get the bonus. The life of your loved one must actually be in mortal danger.Very few street fights result in death.

Weapon Mastery (5 points)

 You must choose a specific weapon with which you already have at least three Technique dots of skill in (such as Katana or Rifle) which will receive the benefits of this merit although you purchase it as many times as wish for different weapons. On rolls dealing with quick drawing, keeping hold of, cleaning, repairing, or in the case of whips and chains maintaining holds and checking to keep control of the weapon itself you always have one automatic success before picking up the dice. You may spend temporary Willpower as normal to gain an additional automatic success if you desire. Thus, you will rarely ever botch such actions.

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